Frequently Asked Questions

. What is the fee for a private concierge physician to be at our service?

  • Fee's are customized and vary depending on the size of a group as well as the groups special needs. 

Can we have our group members utilize their international insurance rather than hiring an on-site physician?

  • ‚ÄčLocal facilities do not generally accept international insurance making sick visits potentially very costly. 
  • We will provide an itemized receipt and patients and groups may submit to their insurance companies for reimbursement for services rendered. Reimbursement varies.

What is concierge urgent care and who are your most frequented patients?

  • Concierge urgent care is a service that provide you with a private on-site physician. .
  • Your private physician is mobile and will treat you in the comfort of your residence.
  • We care for travelers,  seasonal residents, international visitors, airline employees, large conference attendees, etc on the island of Oahu..
  • We also provide urgent care and same day services to permanent residents in the comfort of their homes.

Do I have to leave my home or hotel to pick up prescription medications?

  • Not at all.  Any medications prescribed by your personal concierge physician are complimentary and provided directly to you.
  • A personal physician will be available to you after your visit and will follow-up to ensure you have a full and speedy recovery.

Can I use your service in place of an urgent care or emergency room?

  • Yes.  That is exactly what we can offer you.
  • Honolulu has limited access to same day clinics, urgent care clinics, and emergency rooms. 
  • Utilize a private on-call physician to avoid long wait times and the hassle of securing transportation.
  • There is no need to wait for an appointment or make travel arrangements. We will come to you.    

Are there career opportunities for interested physicians?